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  • Firmware 6994 | T503
  • User’s Manual | T503

Internet Requirements?

  • High Speed Internet 25 Mbps minimum
  • Wired or WIFI Router
  • Router needed when connecting additional devices

You can call your internet service provider and ask them what is my download speed, or you can check your internet speed on your PC by going to and run a speed test.

What is IPTV?

IPTV or Internet Protocol Television in simple term is television through internet. It delivers television programming to households via a broadband connection and requires a subscription to an IPTV service provider and STB (Set-Top-Box).


The reason IPTV is gaining popularity and being used in several households is because of its AAA (three A’s)

Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device


T503 Box

I get the message “If this takes longer than expected press menu and check your network”


1. Select “SETTINGS” on the main menu and press Enter on the remote

2. Then select “Network” and press Enter on the remote control, then select “LAN”, and press Enter

3. Select “DHCP”, and press Enter

4. When you see the dialog box please select “Yes” and press Enter

5. When you see the check mark in the DHCP options, then you have successfully changed the static address to DHCP

6. Press” Menu” you have come to the start screen, and then choose START.
On the top right corner of your TV needs to say CONNECTED.


Follow the same steps but in step 2 choose WIFI.

Select your Network Press Enter from the remote then press 0 for the keyboard and put your WIFI code.

When you are connected you should see the page with the Networks.

Press Menu and select Start.

Important for both connections: If you have a message” This takes longer than expected”:

1. Restart your router, ensure that the Ethernet network is connected correctly.

2. check your Download speed doing a speed test.


T603 Box

I get the message “Connecting to internet “

Press Set up from the remote

1. Window pops “Open settings “Press OK from the Remote

2. For WIFI connection choose WIFI press OK

3. Turn ON WIFI option from the right corner of the screen on you tv using the right arrow and then OK

4. Choose your network, put your WIFI code.

5. You should see that you are connected under the name of your Network.

6. Press Back from your remote until you see the welcome page from Ellas TV.


You don’t need to do anything; you should be automatically to Ellas TV Welcome Page.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: IF you have a blue link in the left corner of your screen that means that there is no communication with your internet.

Try to unplug your Ellas TV box, wait until you reset your router.

When all of your routers lights are back, plug in your Ellas TV Box.

If the problem isn’t fix

1.check your Download speed doing a speed test.